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Lay Leadership, Church Officers
and Committees


Offices required by Discipline

Ad Board/Council/Leadership Team Chair

Todd Hager
Lay Leader Lita Siefker
Lay Member to Annual Conference Lita Siefker
Lay Member Alternate to Annual Conference

SP/PPRC Chair (Charge Chair) Bruce Basinger
Treasurer Anne Schroeder
Trustees Co-Chairs
Jeff Hashbarger, Doug Hahn
Financial Secretary Elaine Amstutz

Todd and Julie Hager (1).jpg

Todd and Julie Hager


Lay Leadership

  • 2023 Linda Cherry Val Nusbaum

  • 2024 Angie Gray Mary Linn White

  • 2025 Judy Stall Stacey Basinger

Worship/Congregational Care

  • 2023 Kristen Wardzala (Chair), Linda Cherry, Pam Goddard

  • 2024 Jody Myerholtz, Kathy Wolfrom, Melissa Woolery

  • 2025 Kathy Rutschilling Jane Elsea

Staff-Parrish Relationship Co. (SPRC); Chair of Joint SPRC: Bruce Basinger

  • 2023 Mark Stall, Karen Shoemaker

  • 2024  Bruce Basinger (Chair), Jan Neuenschwander

  • 2025 Linda Cherry, Kathy Rutschilling


  • 2023 Randal Shoemaker, Jeff Hashbarger (Chair)

  • 2024 Paulette Smith, Joe Wardzala

  • 2025 Paul Nusbaum, Val Nusbaum

Children’s Ministries

  • 2023 Kathy Rutschilling (Chair), Nikki Warnecke

  • 2024  Jody Myerholtz, Brianne Lammers

  • 2025 Kristen Wardzala, Karen Shoemaker

Joe and Kristen Wardzala.jpg

Joe and Kristen Wardzala and their family

Other Church Officers

Finance Chair Angie Gray
Ad Council Secretary
Nita Hashbarger/Elaine Amstutz
Hospitality Chair Kathy Rutschillling
Children’s Ministries Chair Kathy Rutschilling
Young Family @ Large Rep Breanne Lammers
Young Adult @ Large Rep Kelsey Basinger
Senior Adult @ Large Rep Janice Augsburger
Missions Chair Anne Genther
Nurture Chair Stacy Basinger
Pam Goddard, Mary Linn White, Anne Genther
Worship/Congregational Care Chair
Kristen Wardzala
Prayer Chair Lita Siefker
Membership Secretary Anne Schroeder
Drama, Music, Liturgy Chair Pat Basinger

Jeffrey and Nita Hashbarger.jpg

Jeffrey and Nita Hashbarger

More Committees

Finance Co. Angie Gray (Chair), Stacy Basinger, Merry Long, Elaine Amstutz
Budget /Stewardship Elaine Amstutz, Mark Stall, Melissa Woolery
Scholarships Stacy Basinger, Terro Wahl
Memorial Merry Long, Jan Neuenshwander, Tom McCullough

Missions Committee Anne Genther (Chair), Mary Linn White, Linda Cherry, Janice Augsburger

Mat Makers Pam Goddard, Mary Linn White, Linda Cherry, Janice Augsberger, Becky Sprunger, Jan Neuenshwander, Terri Wahl, Jane Elsea

VOSH Janice Augsberger, Terri Wahl

Free Meals Lita Siefker, Melissa Woolery, Judy Stall, Mark Stall, Linda Cherry

Sleeping Bags Caroline Scott, Harry Scott

Janice Neuenschwander.jpg

Janice Neuenschwander

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