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Events & Services

Church members attend multiple different events throughout the year. Our church offers service for weddings and funerals. Contact us below for more information. 

Annual Women's

We hold an annual Women’s Retreat in August, for a nominal fee for a one-day spiritual retreat. Last year’s retreat as well as this summer’s retreat are held at the Lilac
Room at the Meadows of Leipsic, and have been led by Suzanne Bandy.

Weekend Retreats

We are a part of the Greater Findlay Emmaus Community, which holds weekend retreats/times of renewal (Emmaus Walks) at the St Mark’s United Methodist Church in Findlay for both men and women. Chrysalis Flights are held for youth and young adults through this same community and take place at St Andrews United MethodistChurch in Findlay. There is a fee for these retreats, but usually the individual may request a sponsor and this person helps with the support needs of the person attending.

The Christian wedding should be planned and conducted as a time of celebration and
worship and not as a performance. The gifts and grace of God that have brought the couple to this time of commitment are the focus of the Christian wedding. Those who choose to have a Christian ceremony rather than a civil ceremony should expect to be guided by the Scriptures and church traditions rather than by current fads. If you are not a member of the Pandora or Riley Creek United Methodist Church, it is expected that you attend at least two Sunday worship services at the Church before your wedding. It might be advisable to attend at least one Sunday before having a first appointment with the pastor.
The pastor will have up to four preparation sessions with the couple prior to the wedding. Each of these sessions will run from one to two hours.


Please contact us if you would like to host a loved one's funeral at our church or request Pastor Ruth to host a prayer elsewhere. 

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Contact us to get started planning your event.


Thanks for reaching out!

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