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Fists in Solidarity

Community Outreach

Your connection to anything is based on the number of shared experiences, time/effort, investments put into something. Besides being a somewhat passive participant in church through coming and worshipping on Sunday mornings, there are opportunities to build lasting friendships and meet goals to know Christ more and to make Christ known through doing the work of the church. Some of this may happen in committee meetings, or helping with the monthly community meals. The following are some of the other opportunities that you may want to participate in. See the pastor or the church office if you want additional information.


Rebecca Circle

The Rebecca Circle provides a number of services for the church throughout the year. They prepare and coordinate the Veterans Day meal for Veterans in Putnam County which is served at our church; they decorate the church for Advent/Christmas and take down the decorations, they complete an annual in depth cleaning of the church kitchen, they hold an annual rummage sale and they hold a Christmas dinner and gift exchange. Membership is not necessary to participate, female members and attendees are all welcome.
Pat Basinger should be contacted for further information.

Community Meal

Community Meals are offered free of charge the fourth Wednesday of every month, carry out or dining in at our fellowship hall. Volunteers are needed on the months that our church is responsible for preparing the meal. There are varied needs for this program to be completed. Several individuals, businesses and agencies help with this throughout the year.Lita Siefker coordinates this effort and should be contacted for additional information.


Mat Makers

Be a Mat Maker: They meet at 1:30 on Tuesdays in the fellowship hall. They prepare and crochet plastic shopping bags into mats that are used under sleeping bags that age given to homeless shelters to keep the sleeping bags insulated and dry. Show up any Tuesday and they would be glad to teach you what needs to be done. After you learn these can be completed at home or the church (although you’ll miss the socialization!)

Help provide those sleeping in the cold with sleeping bags (this may be local homeless people or it may be those in poverty). Donations are taken (financial) and shopping and delivery trips are made.Judy and Mark Stall head up this outreach project.

Our Missions

VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) meets in the basement of the “old section” of the church, where old glasses are disassembled, lenses are identified for their prescription, and they are distributed to countries all over the world. Much of these tasks may be completed with only a little training, and there is always more work than can be accomplished. The doors are open for volunteers (and donations) Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:30am-noon.

Prayer Group

Bible Study

Pastor Ruth usually leads a Bible study that begins in the fall and extends until that curriculum is completed. Usually, the classes are on Sunday afternoons and run for 1-1 ½ hours. There may be a video, usually some reading (that takes place between classes) discussion and prayer. We have studies Sandra Reicher’s “The Epic of Eden” and “The Disciple Fast Track, New Testament.”

Other Community Outreach

  • American Red Cross Blood Drives are hosted by the church, as scheduled and advertised (usually 3 times per year).  See Jody Myerholtz for information about donating blood.

  • Sing in the Choir. Practices are on Wednesday nights @ 7:30; the choir sings two Sundays each month, performing on Easter and Christmas Cantata prior to those Sundays. The season lasts from fall through spring. Pat Basinger directs the choir.

  • Christian Concerts, as available. We try to get a block of tickets, and may go out to eat prior to the event. Car pooling as possible for those who would rather not drive. We will be going to an Amy Grant Concert at the Lima Civic Center. Other venues may include County Fairs, and/or the Nofzinger Center in VanWert. Pastor Ruth or Stacy Basinger may be in charge.

  • Everybody’s Birthday Celebration. A time when each month of the year has a cake and a table setting for people who then gather together and enjoy their shared celebration. Pre-registration is necessary. Held one time per year, to be determined. It can include as much as you’d like (cake, snacks, present exchange…) Stacy Basinger is in charge.

  • Do It Yourself Nights. We have held craft nights (making decorative door hangings), and water painting nights. We have a night scheduled for making fairy gardens and another on identifying and participating in free local activities with your children. Usually the cost is around $25 per person (to cover costs and the location if in the community) and a pre-registration is needed. Anyone having ideas and wanting to either teach or participate in these contact Pastor Ruth.

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